Producing is a very different art than performing live.
The dimension of sharing is indeed displaced.
On a stage, the music-maker shares an intimate process openly, creating a whole living organism where the sound, the audience and himself are an equal part of.
On the studio, the artist is alone, and in this loneliness he is facing not only his machines, but himself; and the sense, in music, forms itself in the mind of the composer while creating.
What happens then, when two very different minds, going through two very different creating process, decide to share this ultimately intimate experience?
The singularities of each personalities blend together, and through the music comes a new perception, the one of a musical friendliness.
Music is animated by the desire to explore the unknown, and music has for only role to keep the spirituality of each individual alive – and a piece created by two different visions takes you to unexpected territories.

3KZ is the Italian duo composed by Z.I.P.P.O & KAELAN



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