Resident of “Resistance is Techno” party in Rome and owner of Suburban Avenue label, Asymptote duo is becoming more and more familiar to those who really love this genre, like the guys do.

Coming from Avellino, a small town in the South of Italy, they moved to Rome at the age of 18. As arrived they became immediately attracted to the new trends of the thriving underground scene in this city, coming closer new sonorities.

Their connection with Techno scene is, however, gradual and passes through the proper electronic sound of the 90’s: from Chemical Brothers to Aphex Twin, Drexciya, UR school, never forgetting anyway their bag of knowledge of jazz, funky, hip hop and soul music.

Techno soon becomes for them not only a boundless love, a mission rather, that brings the two guys to found in 2011 one of the most renowned parties for those who love this scene in Italy: Resistance is Techno. This brought them, later in the years, to share the console with all sacred monsters and legends of this genre, from Jeff Mills to Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, Robert Hood, Ben Sims and many others, from which learning, step by step, something new and fascinating.

The guys strongly believe that to be Djs means, first of all, constant searching and their taste is in a continuous motion; evolution and dynamism as a starting point for a fusion of old-school and avant-garde sounds.

Their music attains to a retro-futuristic concept: it’s the perfect synthesis between the Detroit elements of the early 90’ and the new and darkest movements aimed to represent a noticeable variation on the theme, based on an equilibrated rhythm with a touching and charismatic end result. They can well combine minimalistic sonorities with dreamy pads, acid and hypnotic basslines or hard grooves coexisting them perfectly together

To make this concept concrete, Asymptote duo chose in March 2014 to open their own vinyl label called Suburban Avenue in order to find a definite position within the current music scene.

Suburban Avenue is intended to be not only a label or a music channel, but above all a movement designed to involve new generation artists.

“Behind the Scene” is their first Ep, released on vinyl on June 2016; finally with it the artistic binomial chose to export their personal vision through their label. This ep was later remixed by great internationally renowned artists as well as their great friends first of all: Psyk, Reeko, Tripeo and 3KZ (Kaelan & Z.I.P.P.O)

Always on Suburban Avenue, the boys later release Belief System, in February 2018, which includes the remix of one of the figures that most represents a point of reference for them: Oscar Mulero.

After that, Too Blind To See came out last July, and it shows their evolutionary path within the scene: Straight forward, driving, far reverberating as Hardwax in Berlin defines it.

Last work, “Sublunar”, is a collaboration with Z.I.P.P.O released on November 27. The whole Ep, is quite far from the style they are used to propose in their singular projects; it’s rather an infusion of their nearest influences, that you can listen especially in their eclectic Dj set: from electro, to acid house, ambient and reverberating stuff from their Soul.

In the last period, their sound is opening up, both in their Dj set and productions, more and more to electro and new-wave sonorities; everything flows, definitely.



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