Nothing is created, nothing is lost but everything is transformed.

The union of three creative minds like Drafted, Kaelan and Unthone.

The minds of three different projects united together as one live show. In the cellar of an abandoned house in a valley, three of them placed in a homemade studio, with reusing materials and equipment at their disposal.

Long silences, distant echoes and smashing up of a neighboring quarry, where is the wide valley source of their inspiration for live music.
Nature is the source of many forms of sound that carry their messages to the attention of the individual. Sounds which become music in prolonged and melodic breath of the wind or the rhythm of the heartbeat. Sounds that they are able to urge the depths of the psyche of each individual producing a diverse range of emotional feelings, poetic insights and dreamlike visions.

In the charming setting of this valley, lies at times the deafening noise of machines for labor in a quarry, disturbing the sensorial peace with a deafening noise.
All mystical sounds of this landscape become the text of the written sounds from analog machines and synthesizers, through a constant and meticulous work of the three boys, who have already individually found feedback by the international techno community with their individual monikers and now are preparing to follow this new route of analog.



    Sowhul DistrictSowhul District