Born in Taranto in 1993 .
Sunrush derived from his name ( Rosalba ) which includes ” Dawn ” and then the sun , Sun , while Rush can have different meanings , but in this case stands for the noise that each of us takes existence , and for the techno music that much It understands and makes it take shape .
With the succession of years, his passion grows more and more , and then start doing the evenings with friends , inching closer to the concept of the party in general .
So then to be played in clubs and discos in the area thanks to the support and the support of certain organizations.Despite being a girl his passion goes beyond all limits and obstacles , and it is for this that his goal is to grow , with the intent to convey this strong love for music at all , with a succession of musical productions , immersing deeper and deeper language of music and the feelings it provokes.

Like a dawn, which slowly arrives and transforms everything into gold, like the sun, which by burning makes a noise, breaking the silence of darkness. Sunrush techno is light, medicine for the mind.



    Sowhul DistrictSowhul District