Born artistically under the aegis of funk and dell ‘hip-pop, Giuseppe Maffei in art ZIPPO, class 1994, has transformed his style over the years to set up his personal studio that continues and persevere in everyday life: if normally his set creates a journey through the deepest sounds of techno, Giuseppe can still be called a 360 ° Dj as able to offer, during his performances, a selection that ranges from house to funk through electro, jazz and the acid.
Despite his young age, his professional career began early: at the age of 15 his name begins to run for the various Apulian clubs, at 17 years his first album “Symmetrical Therapy” comes out on Figure followed by great collaborations with the labels Involve Records, Suburban Avenue and Enemy. To date, ZIPPO has already conquered some of the most sought-after consoles in Europe such as Berghain (the youngest Italian exhibited before) and Tresor in 2016 and, more recently, that of Boiler Room at Viva Festival where he introduced a set that differs from his “usual” accompanying the dancefloor through house, disco and funk sounds.
The love of music in all its aspect meant that in 2013 Giuseppe and his brother created “Vicious”, a record shop located in his Locorotondo. 2015 was however the launch year for Fides, a label created from the desire to express its most dreamlike and profound contents through a purely personal channel.
Together with his solo EPs and collaborations Fides was also very significant for the creation of the 3KZ project founded with his friend Kaelan inspired by a retro-futuristic sound similar to Detroit techno. The mild character, the passion for music and the constant and changeless desire to learn, have earned Z.I.P.P.O. the respect and admiration of agents and DJ’s, making it one of the most promising talents in the techno scene on an international level.



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